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Thermoelectric Sample Conditioner (TESC) System is the first to automate the entire ASTM D2983 conditioning and testing process including preheating, room temperature stabilization, cooling of the sample to test temperature, and final viscosity testing.

Automation lessens operator hands-on time while integration of the complete conditioning and testing process reduces the temperature fluctuation and result variability associated with other D2983 conditioning options.  

Fully integrated and automated thermal conditioning and testing (–40 °C to +90 °C).
Allows the sample to remain stationary in the test chamber throughout preheating, room temperature stabilization, cooling and final  viscosity testing.
Avoids result variability from temperature fluctuation and sample disruption associated with alternative conditioning options.

Pre-developed test programs for common lubricants (gear oil and ATF) and reduces instrument set-up time.

Easy-lift system compatible with Brookfield  DV2T viscometer.

Permits easy adjustment of the viscometer head.

Avoids use of flammable bath fluids.

Viscometer records and exports thermal test history data and final viscosity measurements as a CSV file for import into Microsoft Excel  or other programs.


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